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The Benefits Of Rental Apartments In Marine Drive Kochi

Posted on February 02, 2022 The Benefits Of Rental Apartments In Marine Drive Kochi
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The experience when every morning gives your life with tranquil views of the sea, spending the end of the day watching the divine sunset sky and feeling the sea breeze close to the heart – certainly not talking about a dream, but reality! 

The concept of luxury waterfront apartments in Kochi has given new dimensions to the lifestyle, comfortable living, and convenience of the home buyers in contrast to the earlier notion of an independent house for rent. The various benefits including lifestyle, peace, convenience, and much more, have shaped the strong human desire for waterfront apartments. 

Rental Apartments in Marine Drive Kochi have become a superb property and more elegant with more people having to invest in real estate in Kochi, especially in luxurious apartments with all high-end amenities. However, homebuyers nowadays prefer renting Luxurious apartments instead of buying them. Furnished flats, unfurnished apartments, Multistorey Apartment, apartments for rent, ready-to-move-in property, beautifully designed semi-furnished property, have also been highly in demand. This blog discusses in detail the benefits of renting luxurious apartments in Kochi.

What is a Luxury Apartment?

When you have a grand and gorgeous apartment that offers everything you require or more than what you need, then it is known as a luxury apartment. They are spacious, huge, and located in high-end or premium areas. 

 They also have exclusive access to advanced and top-notch facilities such as valet parking, onsite parking, great appliances, numerous amenities, fitness centers, spas, pools, etc. Luxurious waterfront apartments like Tata Tritvam Kochi have gained huge recognition and popularity due to the plethora of facilities, gated society, amenities, and convenience offered by them to the dwellers.

Apartment Vs luxury apartment How do they differ?


There are huge differences between what luxurious apartments can offer and regular apartments. When compared with regular apartments, luxury apartments offer more convenience, maintenance, landscaping, and various huge specialties. 

When you search for apartments, it is ideal to hunt for standard apartments and luxury apartments, where you can evaluate the differences between both. Luxury apartments are covered with numerous perks which include communal space, landscaping, location, amenities, and various apartment facilities which normal apartments cannot offer.

Why choose a luxury apartment?

Luxury apartments are comparatively expensive, however, they are worth every penny. Everything from appliances, design, and decor, luxury apartments have the most elegant and desirable properties. These are bigger than the normal apartments, but offer more natural views and high-end security.

You can also merge the ideas and personal styling options, with luxury apartments and stay with the gated community where you can also enjoy the benefits of staying close to nature.

Benefits of Rental Apartments in Marine Drive Kochi 

Recent demand for rental apartments in the marine drive has been soaring since many people have started believing that homeownership is not their part of life goals. Renting luxury apartments has been the best option considered by people for great living arrangements, and spacious property, however, there are other features considered by people while choosing to rent them.

 Here are the benefits of renting Luxury Apartments in Kochi:

1. Zero Maintenance Costs

Rental Apartments in Marine Drive

When you rent a luxury apartment, you need not worry about the repair and maintenance – instead, you need to just pay the bills and be comfortable with the luxurious life. 

Apartment owners have to be vigilant in case of malfunctioning of any components, pipe leaks, or any damage caused to the property, however, this is not part of obligations as long as a renter is concerned. 

2. Luxurious Lifestyle at its peak

People who dream about a luxurious lifestyle feel it difficult to own one since it needs a massive investment on their part. Renting an apartment is quite less expensive than buying a whole apartment.

 If you are doubtful about where to rent a luxurious apartment, Tata Tritvam Kochi is a reliable option that provides the best experience to the renters with a luxurious lifestyle at its zenith. For those who are concerned about spending a huge amount on purchasing an apartment, they can go for renting and enjoy the benefits.

3. Access to numerous Amenities

If you rent an apartment, it is not that you pay only for a huge living space, you can get numerous advantages from the standard amenities. You can enjoy the benefits of amenities provided by the luxurious BHK flats & apartments like an owner. It is as simple as taking a ticket to your safe, healthy, and wealthy life! 

Tata Tritvam Kochi is one such boon to the tenants who wish to access all the amenities like table tennis court, infinity pool, gym, clubhouse, multipurpose halls, billiards room, squash court, etc. It sounds interesting and heavenly at the same time when your wish to access all these amenities turns into reality with a wise decision of renting your dream apartment.

4. No overburden or commitment 

 You get to enjoy your freedom being a renter. You can reside in popular cities and areas even when the residential property on rent has high values at a fixed rental cost. You have the flexibility of choosing the rental property or moving out if things don’t meet your expectations, which is not possible as a renter. 

Nevertheless, you don’t have to regret when you choose an ideal property for your rental life, and that’s why we keep recommending Tritvam, the signature of Tata Realty, where your living experiences and benefits are assured with an amazing location.

5. Fixed monthly rent Expenses 

Rental Apartments in Marine Drive

Apartment owners keep a track of the evolving market conditions, however as a renter, you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses or property taxes. 

Tenants usually need to take care only of rent expenses, and they can concentrate on various other personal expenses rather than having to care about the property maintenance, taxes, or related costs.

6. Safe and secure living spaces 

Luxury apartments offer large spaces surrounded by lush green and great surroundings. This property type has huge living spaces that are highly protected and secure, along with the privileges of living with a supreme lifestyle. 

Tata Tritvam Kochi gives birth to spectacular scenic surroundings with 3 BHK and 4 BHK rental apartments in marine drive, having high-end living spaces and balconies. 

7. Feel close to the nature 

Rental Apartments in Marine Drive

Marine Drive Kochi is an ideal location that can offer proximity to the primary and basic facilities along with the perks of staying in the heart of Kochi city. Additionally, you get to enjoy the panoramic views and the attractions of experiencing the urban lifestyle in Ernakulam District.

Unlike other BHK flats and apartments, the six high-rise towers possessed by Tritvam Kochi embodies the pride of Cochin, having about 50% wide green open space, along with the attraction of Bird Sanctuary and the Arabian Sea.

Benefits of Major City Attractions

The proximity to major scenic locations like Fort Kochi, the attractive property located near to the popular malls like Centre Square Mall, proximity to the business center, major hospitals like Amrita Hospital, Renai Medicity, and Aster Medicity nearby, world-class property beautiful location near Marine Drive, the proximity to Cochin International Airport, are all the peculiar features which you can get once renting the Apartments in Marine Drive Kochi.

Tata Tritvam makes sure that you get the privilege of living in a world-class property with 24-hour security and the privilege of having access to the perfect location.

Experience great community

The people you get to meet and greet would be as great as you live in the luxury apartments. You can share and enjoy the amenities, walk out, have amazing evenings with nature, and eventually develop a circle of like-minded people around to spend time with. Being surrounded by people to care for and share, you will feel more pleased to remain with the community and make new friends.

Rise of Luxury Waterfront Apartments in Marine Drive Kochi


Luxury waterfront apartments in Kochi have been highly in demand due to the proximity to all required services, spacious living, world-class facilities and amenities, and the grand panoramic scenic views they offer.

Tata Tritvam is known for the relentless concern and professional team behind the completion of every project with innovation, transparency, and quality. Renting Tritvam apartments can bestow you with modern comforts, and convenience at the same time.

Life in the luxurious high-rise towers can give your life a blend of grand amenities and endless vibes of nature, especially being a waterfront Luxury Apartment. 


Gone are those days when people believed that to live with luxury you need to buy an apartment. Renting a luxury apartment can give you everything you want, but ensure you look for the complete property details.  When you choose the premium apartments from the most popular trusted apartment providers, then it is not going to shatter your expectations. 

If you wish to find a luxury apartment property for rent in Marine Drive Kochi, it is always better to invest every penny on something worth it, rather than getting confined to something undesirable. The incredible prime location, cozy living spaces, top-notch amenities, access to public transport, proximity to the high-end facilities, and being with the apartment community, together makes Tata Tritvam Kochi an outstanding and unique option to make life in Kochi incredible and fulfill your search for renting luxurious apartments.\

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