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Posted on July 26, 2021 Life In Kochi
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Being the commercial and industrial capital city of Kerala, and rich with the culture, heritage, and advancements, Kochi has been a magnet attracting tourists, and people searching for the settling a life in kochi.

The Queen of the Arabian Sea, an ‘Awesome Kochi’ has been welcoming people from every part of the world. 

The impressive and beautiful construction of olden temples, ancient temples, the building of colonial-period, mural art, and handicrafts, has been grabbing the hearts of people.

This is why huge residential projects like Tata Tritvam Kochi have chosen Kochi to provide you with luxury waterfront flats and apartments with quality living standards.

The divinity of beaches, parks, museums, and sanctuaries has added to the beauty of Life in Kochi.

So many Indians in the various parts of the world such as the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, and Australia have been selecting Kochi as the right option to invest in for residential purposes.

This is because this beautiful city has been growing tremendously and the value has been increasing.

Many positive aspects bring Kochi to the No.1 position in terms of living and getting settled down.

Here are the advantages of choosing Kochi for your residential requirements.

1.Job Opportunities

Kochi is the base for many startups and evolving businesses. The Smart City project has contributed to the development of the city, and there are employees from various parts of the globe working comfortably in Kochi.

With the best infrastructure, the startups and leading firms have established their presence in the ideal spaces of Infopark, Cyber Park, Special Economic Zones, and other business parks located in Kochi.

This way, IT companies have emerged to a great extent in the above areas. Also, bug brands and multinational firms have been providing job vacancies to the freshers too.

Real estate in Kochi is the upcoming preferred real estate destination in India. It has become easier to find jobs due to the presence of many industries and firms in Kochi. 


To relieve the consequences of traffic, many bridges and flyovers have been built. Also, there are services like Uber and Ola for call taxi options.

The ferry services in the Port, Willington Island, Fort Kochi, and the other parts have been heart-welcoming and have been giving the best experience to enjoy the scenic serenity of rich water sources in Kochi.

Kochi Metro trains have been the biggest blessing to the residents which allows smooth and easy transportation without caring about the traffic problems. This is a big relief to many people to reach their destinations safely and make daily life in kochi smoother.

There are also Private buses with affordable charges for transportation within the city’s limits, to the city centre and international standards to the other places across cities.

The pride of Kochi, Cochin International Airport is located at Kalamassery, which is the finest option for journeys across the globe.

3.Security Measures 

Safety is an important factor while considering a place to dwell. The security of the women, adults, senior citizens, infants, and children are to be specially considered.

Nearly every roadway, public spaces, common indoors, parking areas, signals, and other shopping areas and crowded places have CCTV systems installed for effective surveillance.

There are perfectly maintained traffic lights to guide at night, leaving the least chances for crimes. Also, the Pink Patrol is present to help the females against any possible criminal activities and attacks. 

The pink squad is the female police and they ensure women’s safety by continuously inspecting the roads and other places in pink cars.


With advanced technology and modernized medical equipment, Kochi has been a hub to the renowned and most popular hospitals.

There are top-class hospitals that adhere to the International standards, best facilities, devices, and professional doctors.

Multispeciality hospitals like Renai Medicity and Apollo Adlux have been contributing to the ideal services to heal the patients and provide the best treatment.

Kochi is also known for various hospitals like Kottakkal, with the best Ayurvedic treatments. 


There are several prestigious institutions available in Kochi for educational excellence. This includes colleges, universities, schools, and government and private institutions. 

Autonomous institutions such as CUSAT, and the best colleges for graduation and post-graduation, coaching and training institutes, tutorials, and polytechnic colleges are also the significant trademark of Kochi.

There are institutions like GEMS Academy for the people who choose Kochi as their place to settle down after migration.

The schools and institutions are well equipped with all modern amenities and technology and top-notch educational services and co-curricular activities.

6.Fashion and Shopping

The people in Kochi give very much importance to the outfit and trend. They adopt a combination of traditional and western styles of dressing, and always remain selective.

The popular brands, Mall outlets, and best textile shops are available in Kochi. The Lulu Shopping mall, Oberon Mall, and Gold Souk Mall have been the shopping destinations with global brands like Max, Raymond, Reliance Trends, Allen Solly, Lee Cooper, Westside, Louis Philippe, Globaldesi, and much more, which are chosen by many fashion lovers.

Also, the giant shopping alternatives like Seematti, Kalyan, Pothys, and Jayalakshmi are the signature showrooms for your favourite family shopping.

There are also many branded showrooms for gadgets, appliances, cosmetics, bags, chappals and shoes, and readymade clothes and men’s fashion stores available in the shopping malls and the stores in the locations like Panampalli Nagar and Thevara.

You also have options to enjoy movies from. Multiplex theatres in the shopping mall. There are several other options to dine and purchase essential items too.

7.Hotels and Resorts

Kochi is a major centre of attraction to tourists and the vagabond. With cosy and most memorable moments, the city provides a plethora of options to settle yourself down at the zenith of luxury.

The top 5 star hotels and resorts stand as the signature of Kochi, which attracts top executives, corporates, and businessmen to live without compromising their requirements.

Kochi Marriott Hotel, Ramada Resort, Le Meridien, Taj Malabar Resort and Spa, Radisson Blu, Grand Hyatt, The Gateway Hotel and Novotel, are the pioneers beholding the pride of Kochi.

8.Culture and Lifestyle

Indisputably, Kochi is a city that celebrates events and special occasions with its true spirit.

The colourful arrangements for parties, fashion shows, concerts, musical events, dance programmes, and any other programme make the events in Kochi mind-blowing and exciting.

The Muziris Biennale attracts many people where the event is filled with shows, music, and dance forms to entertain visitors across the globe.

The giant city stadium, like Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and Ambedkar Stadium, have witnessed Cricket, football, and other sports matches and events.

Cochin Carnival is a spectacular event held at Fort Cochin which is the highlight and unique part of Kochi. The festival is a grand one and it includes several events clubbed together welcoming the new year. It starts in December of every year and attracts a huge amount of visitors. 

Though Malayalam is the mother tongue of Kerala, people in Kochi also speak English. Since the Indian Navy has its base located in Kochi, you can also come across people speaking Hindi too.

9.Art and Craft

Another major attraction of the city is the adoption of traditional art forms and crafts for entertainment purposes.

The locations like Changampuzha Park, TDM Hall, Community Hall, Town Hall, Fine Arts Auditorium, Fort Cochin, Marine Drive, and various other associations of Kochi, conduct events, exhibitions, and various programmes to encourage the art and craft forms.

The traditional and ancient dance forms called Kathakali and Mohiniyattam with the elegant make-up and costume, along with the grace and perfection in the body movements have been gaining attraction among the tourists visiting Kochi.

Craftsmen have also been given prominence in Kochi. There are many shops in Kochi, and the places like Mattancherry, Fort Cochin, Willington Island, Marine Drive, and other places are well known for selling the best antique and craft items to all handicraft lovers.

The products include varieties like metal carvings, statues and portraits, paintings, wooden carvings, coir and coconut shell products,  and various wall hangings, jute products, and so on.

There are specialized handicraft and handbook centres in Kochi, where you can get the best deal of buying options for products with woven work, embroidery, grass marts, cane, granite carves, shell carves, lacework textiles, dolls, and much more.


Kochi has adopted a dining style that is a fusion of masterpieces from various parts of the globe. This is why the place can satisfy everyone who visits, with their favourite and ideal recipe.

With a finger-licking combination of choicest spices and flavour, the restaurants and hotels in Kochi offer traditional Kerala cuisine, Indian food, International picks like burgers, Pizza and Rolls, pan-Indian delights, and cross border favourites too.

The food chain tycoons like Dominos, McDonald’s, Subway, KFC are all available at various spots and malls in Kochi.

The delicious amusement of the food is beyond any explanation. The homely food of Kerala is well known for its richness in the fragrant spices and the coconut.

With Kerala rice and the various daily food items made using exotic spices and coconut, served in a banana leaf, this Kerala cuisine is highly demanded food in the restaurants at Kochi.

Kochi is also famous for the tasty seafood varieties like prawns, lobsters, fish, crabs, and mussels due to the abundant water sources and coastline.


Being a place with plenty of opportunities and a handful of services and facilities at its fingertips, with a normal cost of living a life in Kochi is certainly the ideal place to live and thrive.

From the masterpieces of British people who visited India in ancient times, like the oldest active synagogue, Bolgatty Palace, Hill Palace, to the Mattanchery Palace, countless spots of charm and magnificence make Kochi, an ideal place for your habitat.

There is no doubt that life in Kochi is the perfect choice if you wish to get a beautiful home with every facility and service available in the proximity, without high daily living expenses. Explore the spaces of Kochi to utilize the opportunities that grow in its lands.

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