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Top Luxury Waterfront Apartments in Kochi

Posted on October 13, 2021 Top Luxury Waterfront Apartments in Kochi
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Waterfront apartments would grab the heart and soul of every person, with the beauty of panoramic surroundings and the kind of comfort they provide to the dwellers. With much popularity and attention, waterfront living gives heartfelt experiences and convenience to the inhabitants. 

Luxury waterfront apartments like Tata Tritvam Kochi provide supreme comfort and reveal the pinnacle of tranquility and luxurious lifestyle. The breathtaking ambiance and serve surroundings make waterfront living most pleasant and heart-welcoming. 

The waterfront apartments also give you the best lifestyle and unmatched amenities, along with the relaxation of living in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

The Value of Waterfront Living

There are plenty of benefits when you choose a serene luxury waterfront apartment to live in when compared to any other luxury apartment for sale in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Waterfront apartments offer a whole lot of advantages as listed below:


The incredible blend of colors, views, and reflections that add value to your sight is the major attraction of waterfront apartments. Even with minimal home decor and other amenities, you still feel refreshed and energized with the natural beauty of the place where you live.

When you wake up with fresh air, the best ambiance and feel of nature, this creates happiness in your life. You get to witness more birdlife, greenery, the serene blue of the skies, and water resources.


You can enjoy a peaceful and mind-blowing life away from the noises of the city. With the availability of waterfront apartments, you discover the natural happiness and overall wellness required for your life. You get an opportunity to stay away from stress and feel relaxed.

You can also spend more time with nature, de-stress with the panoramic views, take a walk to enjoy the beautiful ambiance around, and even work at home with the influence of beautiful surroundings.

Fresh air

The most striking factor of the waterfront apartments is that they help you get rid of the pollution. You can feel energized and improve your immunity with the tranquility of waterfront apartments that gift you with the most elegant living.

If you own waterfront apartments, you get to live with the natural abundance of fresh air and thereby, can feel revived with the closeness to nature. Fresh air is necessary to improve your health and keep you energized. The waterfront apartments are successful in building perfect ambiance in every way.

Long-term investment

You are making the perfect investment on the right choice if you choose to spend on waterfront living. This is because they always ensure high value later as resale apartments when you compare them with the city apartments and other room spaces. They are good in terms of providing value to the investment you make in them.

Apart from the serenity and the peaceful environment they offer, you also get numerous benefits in terms of investment value. They give you more returns for your investment and the value of staying in the perfect location as well.


It’s not only the food but also where you live that determines your health. When you live in the city, you confront severe air pollution and serious health issues like asthma, respiratory issues, allergies, bronchitis, etc.

When you live by the water, you get prone to fresh air, which leads to less pollutant generation. In this way, you can safeguard your health and most importantly the health of your family.

Waterfront apartments have gained enough reputation and substantial demand due to the above benefits. Additionally, these waterfront apartments are well known for their elegant lifestyle, skyscrapers, seamless connectivity, etc. In the most demanding real estate market, waterfront apartments continue to win and grab more leads than all other apartments.

Why go for Waterfront Living in Kochi

The serene backwater views of Kochi with the incredible charm of coconut trees, make waterfront living most pleasing and promising. You can feel and enjoy the most wonderful sights like migratory and local birds, villages, huge Chinese fishing nets, and captivating greenery that steal your eyeballs with the visual treat.

Even though entire Kerala is popular for the backwaters and aesthetic beauty, the backwaters of Kochi are special with the attractive features they offer to tourists and local visitors. 

With residential projects close to the backwaters of Kochi, you can also get the benefit of riding close to the elegance of Marine Drive, to enjoy vivid views of ancient tilled-roof homes, Cochin Port Trust, charming Willington Islands, the fishing harbor, etc. 

If you are keen to explore more, then the attractions like Jewish Synagogue, St. Francis Church, gigantic fishing nets, famous Jew market, Aluva Palace, etc. await your presence.

Proximity to hospitals like Renai Medicity, Amritha Hospital, Medical Trust Hospital, Apollo Super Specialty Hospital, Aster Medicity, Sunrise, etc, make sure that the best healthcare is at your reach.

Additionally, Marine Drive Kochi is also well known for the best shopping experience and chain of fast-food restaurants that offer you the finest delicacies of Cochin.

Marine Drive is the major attraction with lots of people gathering during evenings to spend their time in the walkways. The view of the rising sun and the touch of water-cooled breeze that comes from the Vembanad lake nearby, are the centers of attraction. From the High court to the Rajendra Maidan, the Marine Drive walkway offers a pleasant long journey with two bridges, namely the Chinese fishing net and Rainbow bridges.

Nothing can beat your choice of luxury waterfront apartments in the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea, Cochin which is a destination with a blend of traditional beauty and modern fulfillment.

Best Luxury Waterfront Apartments in Kochi

With the scenic excellence of amazing water resources, life space, and outstanding beauty of Marine Drive, you can experience luxury life in Kochi and an array of amenities. Tata Tritvam Kochi has set a benchmark for the comfortable and most luxurious living in Cochin. 

With spectacular views of the Arabian Sea and the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, Tata Tritvam Kochi has set its uniqueness and most modern design to grab the minds of homebuyers. Whilst having the wonderful experience of urban comfort, you can also enjoy the goodness of Cochin backwaters with this prestigious project.

As the name signifies, the name Tritvam has been adopted to denote the combined divine confluence of three life elements such as Earth, water, and sky, which is true to what it offers. The impactful designs and professional interiors have added to the amazing experience that Tritvam Kochi offers along with the scenic beauty and visual appeal of nature.

Tata Tritvam is well known for its adherence to international standards and the magnificent views that impress you the most. By offering 3BHK apartment and 4 BHK apartments in Kochi, Tritvam takes pride in meeting azure skies with the six high-rise towers.

Tritvam gifts your beautiful homes with balconies and huge living spaces that make them the most desired living options in Kochi.

What Tritvam Offers

  • You can avail yourself of the exclusive amenities like gym, yoga center, billiards, table tennis, squash court, library, convenience store, banquet hall, juice bar, guest rooms, creche, and business center.
  • Under the brand name of Tata Realty, Tritvam is a reliable option that provides common facilities like intercom facilities, video door phones, three-tier security systems, notice board and letterbox space, sewage treatment plants, outdoor pool, covered parking facilities, etc. with adherence to quality standards.
  • Another highlight of Tritvam is the 50% open space with greens and spaces to relax. The vehicle-free, pollution-free green podium extends up to 3.4-acre which is the major center of attraction that Tritvam can offer to its inhabitants.
  • The rooftop swimming pool, Luxury Residences, the choicest combination of hardwood and marble flooring, and premium kitchen and sanitary fittings, add to the luxury of apartments.
  • Additionally, the modular kitchen and chimney, individual utility areas, and separate maids’ rooms with toilets attached for every unit are also the major sources of attraction.
  • Tritvam Apartments are located in the CRZ (Coastal Regulation Zone) free zone, which ensures that the apartments do not violate any CRZ rules and regulations.

With natural and mesmerizing luxurious amenities, spacious flats, a blend of contemporary and urban lifestyle, luxury amenities, and pleasing natural attractions, Tritvam stands as the most satisfying residential development option made for people who desire luxury waterfront apartments in Kochi and grow happy customers.


Homebuyers go for the residential property and luxury flats that bestow them with leisure facilities that satisfy their demands and are very particular when they wish to grab luxury apartments. With the comprehensive benefits that luxury waterfront apartments can guarantee, they are highly in demand and offer the most beautiful experience to the dwellers. Tata Tritvam assures and delivers the best-in-class luxury waterfront apartments in Kochi that fulfill your concept of a dream house in every way. 

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