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Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

Posted on November 23, 2021 Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive
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Do you have ideas on choosing waterfront apartments for rental at Kochi for yourself or your loved ones? This is not an easy task, because choosing an apartment for rental needs certain considerations which we need to think seriously about. For instance, the waterfront apartments in Kochi from Tata Tritvam Kochi are highly in demand due to the ambiance, luxurious BHK apartment for rent, luscious space, car parking, and availability of all facilities at your fingertips. When you choose the rental apartments, furnished flats, or bedroom flats, especially while considering the range of luxury waterfront apartments in Kochi for your rental life, then the following features are inevitably important to make your life in Kochi incredible.

Features of a profitable rental apartment of Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

Features of a profitable rental apartment

Real estate in Kochi is improving day by day. People now move into more budget-friendly options for residential apartments while at the same time luxurious living options to make their standard of life better and convenient. They look for furnished 3BHK apartments or a multistorey apartment and highly prefer the Waterview apartment houses while looking for residential options. 

There is also an increasing demand for a furnished luxury apartment, furnished studio apartment, daily rent apartment, beautiful 3-bedroom apartment, and most importantly apartments at a convenient location. This is why the cluster of apartments by Tata Tritvam Kochi Marine Drive has been an attention-seeking destination where people choose to live with grand luxury in Kochi. Now, What are the features usually people look for while searching for a profitable rental apartment? 

Let us ponder these points in detail.

1. Neighborhood of Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

1. Neighborhood

The area you live in needs to be peaceful and desirable to you. Make sure that you are surrounded by a good neighborhood and expected kind of people so that you can maintain a good social network with them. Who doesn’t crave a serene neighborhood like that of Kochi Marine Drive?, And when it comes to Tata Tritvam Kochi, you exactly get the crowd you have dreamt about, with a peaceful environment that boosts your social gatherings and memorable moments.

Advance Facilities of Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

2. Advanced Facilities

The rental apartments in Kochi need to be chosen with proximity to top-notch facilities like super-specialty hospitals, educational institutions, shopping malls, recreational parks, and other important site-seeing spots to make your life vibrant and worth it. 

Crime rate of Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

3. Crime Rate

Make sure that you search and find about the past activity and the environment of the place you are going to live in. It is better to avoid renting out apartments where there are risks of theft, crime, and other dangerous activities.

Job Market Availability Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

4. Job Market Availability

It is essential to know about the job market in the place you choose to live. Search for an apartment for rent where there are more opportunities and you can be confident for a job search or job change anytime. This is where Tata Tritvam Kochi stands out with an ideal location of Marine Drive, with startups, MNCs, IT Parks, and huge organizations thriving around, paving the way for numerous job opportunities. 

Apartment Facilities and Amenities of Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

5. Apartment Facilities and Amenities

Another feature to look for is the availability of amenities and facilities by the apartment to you. Ensure that you get accessibility to the facilities like purified water supply, kitchen – cooking facility, water heater facility, gym, parking, clubhouse, swimming pool, and other high-end facilities. Tritvam Kochi ensures that you get deserved access to all these facilities to make your lives in the rental apartments comfortable and super-safe.

Future area Development of Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

6. Future area Development

This is an inevitable factor to look for when you consider living in the same rental apartment for quite a long time. Consider the scope of living there, and make sure that the area is under progress and there are more chances of new projects to come up in the area you live. People choose a water view apartment, furnished 3BHK apartment, or 2 And 3-Bedroom Super-Luxury Apartments with due considerations to the extent of development the area has a scope of, and the facilities of the apartment flat. When it comes to the scope of development and luxury as a power-packed benefit, Tritvam Kochi is an ideal choice you can go for, located at Marine Drive, Kochi, the premium location which in fact keeps growing every day.

Rental Costs of Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

7. Rental Costs

In addition to the features aforementioned, you must also look for the budget. Don’t hop for a residential apartment with a high monthly rent budget but fewer amenities or facilities. You must always make sure that you can experience the best with the amount you invest for your apartment living.

Disaster Free Area of Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

8. Disaster free Area

This is to be specially considered when you are about to live in waterfront apartments for rent. In such circumstances, make sure that you live in areas away from warnings of Coastal Regulation Zones. Luckily, Tata Tritvam offers rental apartments with a CRZ-free Zone advantage and high living security to the people.

Benefits of Rental Apartments over Buying of Rental apartments in Kochi Marine drive

Benefits of Rental Apartments over Buying?

To own a home is a dream, and needs years of effort and savings to finally land the ‘moon’, ie. a superb property. However, many people find it comfortable renting apartments rather than buying them. Especially, more and more people opt to avail of a flat for rent in Kochi, taking into consideration, the advantages of living life in a metro city, availability of basic facilities and amenities, endless job opportunities, shopping destinations, recreational activities, etc. Out of those, Tata Tritvam Kochi has adopted a uniqueness offering beautiful waterfront apartments and has been successful in gifting the tenants with several benefits making their lives go beyond expectations.

Let’s discuss the benefits of renting apartments in Kochi in detail.

  • No Maintenance Costs and Repairs

Apartments may have frequent maintenance costs and repair costs involved. In such cases, it seems to be a little risky when you own a home. This is because this burden of additional spending can make you feel more stressed. However, while renting apartments, you need not worry about the burden of spending on maintenance costs.

  • Complete Access to Amenities

The major advantage is the access to amenities. With rental apartment life, you can enjoy all the amenities offered in and out of the apartments just like the owners. You get access to the basic facilities, special amenities, and all provisions including parking and recreational places, to relax and enjoy your life. Choosing Tritvam Kochi bestows you with the advantages of getting access to all the amenities offered, with a luxurious lifestyle.

  • No Real Estate Taxes or Down Payment 

There is no need to pay any real estate taxes, which means while renting apartments, you can save huge money without having to invest it for paying off for other purposes. All you have to look out for would be the rental and personal expenses, which itself sounds to be a huge benefit to you. There is no requirement for you to make any down payment too, for the rental apartments. 

  • Flexibility for Where to Live

Life in rental apartments is incredible since you get to be more flexible with the place you live in. You get the opportunity to shift your space or get into a more desirable place when you choose to live in rental apartments, which is not possible if you own one.

  • Diminishing Property Value

Some apartments have a diminishing value for their property over time. You may not even know this, it can be due to the impact of lack of scope of the area, age of the building, etc. This will lead to a reduction in the overall property value. However, when you rent an apartment, you need not worry about this risk.

  • Fixed Rent Amount

You need to pay only a fixed rent amount, mostly monthly rental costs. Apart from this fixed rent, you don’t have to worry about any other building costs, and you can live comfortably. Also, the utility costs will be lesser when compared to the owners. You also can benefit from the reduced insurance costs with the evidence of living in a rented apartment.

Why Rental Apartments in Kochi

Apartments in Kochi are major sources of attraction to both homebuyers and tenants. Kochi has the best rental apartments, semi-furnished and furnished property making urban living comfortable with assured tranquility and convenience. With furnished semi-furnished apartments, there are many affordable apartments for rent and ready to occupy flats offered by Tritvam Kochi, that make life in Kochi super comfortable.

How can you own the best rental apartments in Kochi Marine Drive?

If you are searching for the best waterfront apartments for rental at Kochi or the best BHK property in a perfect location, then you must make sure that you browse through the elegant rental choices that Tata Tritvam Kochi wants to share with you. There are numerous benefits of choosing Tata Tritvam for rent as follows:

  • You get world-class facilities, intercom facility, designer interiors, and amenities at your fingertips.
  • The beauty of waterfront apartments, walkways, luscious green spaces, landscaped gardens, parks, pools, gym, and podium awaits your presence
  • Proximity to essential services and all-important facilities make your life convenient
  • Mangalavanam Sanctuary, water birds, boat facility, the charm of the Arabian sea, Fort Kochi, and beauty of Marine Drive Kochi grab your heart
  • The tranquility and peace of the beautiful location makes your life comfortable
  • You can enjoy luxurious facilities with a scenic view, and get an amazing location to spend your life.

With the excellent property for rent in Kochi Marine Drive, Tritvam Kochi offers promising solutions that can make your life pleasant and desirable at an awesome location.

Wrap Up

Renting and buying can both have their financial benefits, however buying an apartment may not be affordable and right for everyone. Renters can save their heads from paying an additional amount on installation and maintenance, property taxes, or other costs. Everything becomes effortless for the renters with a security deposit. Renters can also enjoy lesser utility bills and have the privilege to access the expensive amenities without paying for them.

Tata Tritvam Kochi comes with the most luxurious and elegant range of entire rental apartments at affordable rates for the ease and convenience of living in the rental apartments in Kochi Marine Drive. The beauty of waterfront apartments, life at the prime location, and panoramic view of natural scenic beauty make the landmark the excellent location to choose for your rental apartments and make luxurious life a part of your living standards.

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